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Thursday June 13, 2024


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About Drastic

Drastic started affiliate marketing part time in late 1998. After being bitten by the Internet revenue bug, he quit his full time profession as an auto damage appraiser in May of 2000, in order to strike out on his own as a performance marketer. Quickly understanding the magic and arts of affiliate promotion, he soon found success as an independent affiliate.

Originally promoting dating, debt consolidation and inkjet cartridges, Drastic has since branched out into many different niches, becoming a jack of all trades and master of a couple. The days and aftermath of the dot-com bombs were an excellent school of hard knocks, and Drastic has become a seasoned veteran working as a "super affiliate" for many merchants.

Drastic's specialty is finding unexploited niches and new ways of making revenue. He likes to dominate a niche or method before the rest of the internet crowd has caught on. When they eventually do, he has moved on to the next bigger thing.

To contact Drastic, send email to Drastic at drastictactics dot com.


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