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Tuesday July 23, 2024


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Affiliate Agreements - Maximize Your Commissions

Many affiliates sign the agreement, send the traffic, and get the checks. They take what they are offered and they don't pursue a better contract. This doesn't have to be the case, especially if the affiliate is turning any significant volume.

Most merchants are willing to pay higher commissions for better performance. Whether it's in traffic, conversions or overall sales, they want your increased business. If you are driving the numbers, you are in control of this agreement.

Ask and ye shall receive.
First, all you have to do is ask. Many merchants will give you a bump in commissions just for the asking. It never hurts to try.

Scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.
Often, merchants will want you to give them something in return for a better commission structure. Can you send more traffic? Give their ad a better, more prominent placement? Will you run a special promotion for them? Have something in mind, even if it's just a small token, when you ask for a better deal. Don't appear to be inflexible.

If you're driving considerable sales per day, you may ask them why they need more from you to work on the deal for you. Ask them if the sales you're driving isn't enough to set you apart from 95% of other affiliates.

Shop Around
There may be several different choices of merchants to send your traffic to. Look around and see what starting commission structures look like. You may see similar or better deals right off the bat. If you do, email the affiliate manager and tell them the kind of numbers you're driving and what could you expect. Competitors of your merchant may be willing to do substantially better than your current deal.

Play Merchants Against Each Other
When you do get a better deal elsewhere, don't just switch out the promos. Contact your current merchant and let him know your intentions. Often, they will counteroffer a better deal than the one you have from the new merchant. You can then go back to the second merchant, who may produce yet another counteroffer to your advantage. Many of us have played this back and forth before, and have always come out much better in the end. It is well worth the effort.

You may even be able to promote both merchants at the better rates, in some type of comparison of them or their products. They may still fight for more traffic with better commissions for you, just to be listed first.

If you are doing well with a program, and you are still at the base commission structure, do yourself a favor and get better compensated for your work.


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